Our mission is to create and inspire adventurous opportunities for seniors to be physically active while connecting socially, outdoors.


What We Do:

Being outdoors + exhilaration = FUN!

Big Red Ride is a collaborative Community Bike Program. Volunteers pilot free group bike rides for older adults within the community and from the hospital. We facilitate, encourage and empower a wide age range of adults to get outdoors, be physically and socially active and to bring adventure and fun back into their lives.

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July 2016

“The hardest thing about losing my sight was giving up my bike. This feels fantastic!”

Kathleen, Age 85


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Our Impact 

As the ageing demographic increases, demands on community resources from specialised housing to hospitals will grow. Creating innovative and unique programs to support our older adults in their physical and mental wellness is a societal responsibility.

Did you know:




150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity accumulated over a week, can reduce the risk of most major chronic diseases by 25-50 %



15% reduction in mortality risk if you go from being inactive to ‘somewhat active’. e.g. 75-90 minutes per week.



4 out of 5 adults do not meet the Canadian Physical Activity guidelines.


Our Programs


Would you like to:

  • flourish mentally?

  • improve physically?

  • make new friends ?

  • relive your younger self?

  • experience freedom and fun outdoors?


We offer different Big Red Ride experiences.
To see what programs run in a community near you, click below.

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Get Involved

Volunteer opportunities

Big Red Ride is a volunteer run program. We are always looking for passionate people to join our team. It’s a great opportunity to engage, make meaningful connections through time spent together.


 Sincere Gratitude to our sponsors: 

Pauw Foundation
 Banff Canmore Community Foundation    
Banff Mineral Springs Hospital Auxiliary

  Banff Seniors Centre
Albert Naffin